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sd33turbo loss of power now and then

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gidday guys ,my 1987 shorty is a sd33 turbo and has got 380 000 on the clock some times when i drive it it goes hard <for a diesel> then other times its like sluggish could this be due to the amount of ks on it or should i shout it new injectors ? its my first diesel i have ever owned not sure if this is commen with diesels as my other 4bee is petrol injected 4.2 and its got **** loads of balls.
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to start with, What have you done servise wise?????

Fuel, and air filters, , the fuel filter behind the banjo bolt on the fuel line going into the injection pump.. these being blocked or dirty will have an effect on power.
mine seems the same sometimes. the odd time it feels like it flys other times it just old birtha. like a said just check everything out.
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