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sd33turbo loss of power now and then

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gidday guys ,my 1987 shorty is a sd33 turbo and has got 380 000 on the clock some times when i drive it it goes hard <for a diesel> then other times its like sluggish could this be due to the amount of ks on it or should i shout it new injectors ? its my first diesel i have ever owned not sure if this is commen with diesels as my other 4bee is petrol injected 4.2 and its got **** loads of balls.
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thanks , i have replaced both fuel filters and both air filters a couple of months ago and put a new bosch hand primer on her as the old one was leeking bad when i went to prime it after replacing the two fuel filters i will undo the bolt on banjo ( is this the one directly under lift pump?)
i just finished cleaning out that little plastic filter , it was chocker block full of metal shavings looked like it was from someone drilling , the shorty has a long range tank in it may be from when the tank was made!!.may not have been cleaned out properly from new ?. thanks Landy & Wish i Had Coils for your helpfull information, Cheers Bose'o'
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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