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searching for panel beater. gq wagon front end repairs.

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Gday. I have a 92 gq wagon that recently came into contact with a tree.
Cosmetic damage includes front left panel, arb bar & brush bar bent beyond repair, grill and bonnet, all of which is easily replaceable.

However it also has bent the radiator x member and pushed the shell out of square in the front of the car. I Have had it looked at and suspect a kick in front left chassis rail where impact on bar occured.

I have been assured by panel beaters that it is not badly out of shape and should be easily fixed.

My question is whether anyone knows of a brisbane panel beater that has a jig/equipment large enough to handle a 4x4 of this size. I have been to panel beaters that have all said that they simply could not get there jigs to effectively work on the car, and could not point me in a direction of a shop who would have the gear. I have been doing a ring around but still havent found anyone willing.

Would be tops if anyone has used or knows of anyone who can work on this vehicle.. until then ill continue my search.

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if you can mate chuck up some picks,i belive there pulling your leg any shop who has a floor rack or autorobot/caroliner can fit a gq,i had a h3 hummer on our smallest rack at work the other day,ask them how they repair suv 4x4s and people movers,what happens if i smash something like a ford terrertory do i need to go to sydney or melbourne?
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