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Seat mounts cracking

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Seat mounts cracking

Hi Everyone,

Had a quick search and did not find any info, so I will ask away!

Nissan GQ 1989 model. Rear inside mounts on both Drivers and Passengers Seats have cracked/torn through.

Just wondering if anyone has fixed this issue. Apparently it is not common but I have owned two GQ's now and both of them were knackered! haha Guess I am just lucky! (Did not fix the old one)

So just wondering how what would be the best fix of someone has come across this...

I will post up some pics...

Driver side pic too large to post up but it is the same.. maybe a little worse as I am a fat bastard! haha



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i i remember correctly. there is a bracket bolted to the floor under the carpet there.
all the earlier ones were of pretty poor design and not braced at all. the later ones were gusseted and reinforced to make them stronger. both mine were cracked when i had the carpet out so i just got some later model ones and happy days.
so go pull the carpet up if you can and have a look. pretty sure im right.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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