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Hi there I am wondering if it possible to swap a TB42 carb to efi?

I have been given a limited budget for my build up by the other half, so an engine swap is out of the question, be it a TB42e or an LS motor, I have about $2000 for engine work, hopefully incl. exhaust but first on my priority is efi conversion as it is fuel starved on hill and I woul like to participate in winch challenge style events.

The rest of my mods are going to be
2-3" Suspension lift, with HD lower control arms and either fixed length or adjustable uppers,
2" Body lift
Hi mount with rope and 6hp motor,
ARB Air locker front and rear,
Tube front bar, rock sliders and home made rear bar,
35" tyres, not sure what to get so any advice would be taken on board, have run pede's before maybe again, creepy's and treps also on the short list,
CCDA spec roll bar

this is just the major expenses,

but mainly any help regarding the efi conversion would be greatly appreciated cheers guys.

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