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Hey all, I plan on geting a snorkel on the shorty so I can go more places outback, but the question I have is will a snorkel also help my GQ TB42 (dual fueled) engine run any cooler? I know it will be taking in cooler air (although its not that cool in Darwin!) helping combustion etc etc but what about general running temps?


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probably not much cooler.
note that if you put a ram scoop on it you will probably have to plumb in a small line from the snorkel to the mixer. that tiny amount of "boost" from the air being forced down the snorkel at speed is enough to upset the mixer.

to make it run cooler check all of the usuals,
Put a real temp gauge in the top hose, the factory gauge is strictly ornamental.
put a lower temp thermostat in it, about 70 odd degrees,
replace the radiator cap just for the hell of it.
bleed the air out of the high points in the cooling system.
check your viscous hub is ok,
check water pump vanes aren't corroded off,
you don't have too much obstruction in the air flow - insect mesh, winch, lights.
the fan shroud is fitted correctly and the bottom bit isn't missing.
radiator has been flushed.
a/c condenser isn't full of dirt.
Run water with corrosion inhibitor instead of a glycol mix. Water can "carry" more heat to the radiator than glycol.

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Hey. mike is on the money. my snorkel hasn't changed the running temp at all, and yes you will need to fit a pipe to the gas mixer.
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