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Song titles game.

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SONG TITLES GAME/ use one word of a song to make another.

In this game you have to use one word of the current song title to make a new song title.
I type in the title "A day In the life" By The Beatles.

The next person types in "In this life" by Collin Raye.

"LIFE" being the word transferred to a new song title.

Here is the first song
"A hard days night" By The Beatles.

Let the game begin:)
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Love is a battle field-Pat B.
Love Shack
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love is the drug - Brian ferry
sex and drugs and rock and roll - ian dury & the block heads.
Jack and Dianne-melloncamp.
Old school head bangin ...

Flash Of The Blade - Iron Maiden

Bit of country rock / bluegrass.

Flashback Blues - John Prine

Blue monday-New Order.
Aussie blues.

Dying Crap Shooter Blues - Joe Camilleri and Bakerlite Radio.
We are the navy blues-fable singers..

Leethal plays this song once or twice a year..
We can be Heroes (I know don't care) David Bowie
born to be wild.- steppenwolf👍
Blues in the morning, nothing like it ...

One Meat Ball - Calvin Russell

One scotch one bourbon one beer George Thorogood
19741 - 19760 of 26852 Posts