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there was a big thread months ago about the pros and cons of the MQ transfer and why you cant have reduction/crawler gears. i took some photos the other day of the guts, so youz can check it out.
if you look at the second link (close up of the output), you will see a few things.
first, the bottom right gear is the final low range gear, it would need to become bigger and the one to its left become smaller for there to be a reduction (ie crawler gears). this is not possible, because its so close to the case.
second, you can see the fork to the top right, which moves a selector ring over the gears. it is in high range now. when you move to neutral the selector ring is directly over the centre gear, it is not connected to an output. when you select low, the ring moves over the centre and lower gear. you will see those gears are only a few mm wide, and the ring is not very thick. i believe this is the main weak point of the transfer, and is why i have seen a picture in the past of an exploded transfer.

just food for thought.
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