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Split rim sizes - no comprehende

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Hi all, i don't get what 7.50R16-8PRLT means insofar as wha tthe size of the tyre is in comparison to a 275/65 R17...
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okay, so how tall?
thanks guys. How do i work that out?
Thanks Grahame, That's a good calculator - beats the miata one!Damn! Still hoping to find a legal way to get 285/75s 16s on the troll... Ah well. Might just give up.
*edit* I spelled Grahame's name wrong! Sorry mate!
You must have the 6.50r16s

You can get the 9.00r16 which 35inchs in diameter and 9 inchs wide

The GU patrol come with 7.5 R16s. Apparantly this is the tallest OEM wheel/tyre. And it's only 3mm taller than the 17s. Still means a 32" tyre or a 285 is too tall as they are more than 15mm taller than the tallest factory tyre.
the brass won't measure with a tape, they'll look at the size rating on the tyre. But it's not the fines i'm concerned about, it's insurance. Not legal = not covered... Just have to decide whether or not i'll risk it...
Hey mate that's a brilliant idea! Can you please add the 275/65 r17 and the 235/85 r16 on there? I can't picture - ise excel tables on my puta. Note the stock tyres (7.5R16 and the two i just mentioned) so others can compare. this will help in the future for others trying to find the largest legal tyre to put on a troll.
You, my man, are awesome!
That looks like 285/75 R16s are legal! Provided i change my plaquard!

Width is not the issue. It's height! Too high and it becomes illegal. Getting a tyre to wide =, well, good luck...
There are tyre width BS rules in QLD as well as height rules
7.50 x 16 are on the MQ onwards as well
Its all calculated by the tyre placard which should be on the car somewhere,glovebox lid usually

Thinking the boys in blue are silly ???
New local copper is an ex 20 year mechanic,some know there stuff
I know that there is a limit to tyre with... its 140%. So you can go up to 415mm wide i think it is, but finging a tyre this wide in a tyre that is not too tall is, well, impossible.

I don't think the cops are silly. If the insurance company would insure you regardless of legalitiy, i'd have 33 or 35s on my troll. But seeings insurance can walk, well, i wanted to make sure i can put 285/75 R16s on legally... which, if i get the right plaquard, should be legal. Anyone dispute this?
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