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1998 Nissan Patrol Wagon RD28ETi
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Google that number printed on the coil spring (KDFR42 - looks like a King Spring number) and you should be able to check what the specs are. The left spring is always about 1/2 an inch shorter than the right spring. At full flex, that spring is likely to fall out.

Have you jacked up your car to look underneath? as this will extend the suspension to it's max drop. Have you parked your car on level ground? does it look level - measure the height from bottom of rim to wheel arch on each side. The measurement should be the same (+/- a couple of mm). Check the number on the right spring it should be KDFR42 R/H. wash off the bottom spring mount and see where the coil seat is - it will be a visible dip where the end of the coil should sit.

I notice in your first pic of the left side there is a nut on top of the coil tower. I assume this is to bolt the nolathane coil spacer in place? As someone above said, the coil needs rotating so the bottom of the coil seats properly. To do this the coil spacer needs to be unbolted.

How much did you pay them to install the lift kit and the spacers? did they install offset radius arm bushes? Also from your pics, your bump stops are broken off as well.
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