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Squeal from Auto Transmission, changing 2nd to 1st

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Hi, bit worried about a noise coming from my 2003, 3 litre auto when manually changing from 2nd back to 1st while decelerating.

I've searched but can't find any posts that seem to describe the same thing.

It's a chattering squeal that sounds like a petrol turbo rapidly spooling down, kind of chi chi chi chi chi in rapid succession. :confused:

I don't regularly pull the auto back to first while decelerating but when I recently had to I heard the noise and it seems to do it every time I repeat the action.

Hoping someone might have some ideas?

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Change the fluid and filter and see if any gunk comes out.
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Thanks, I'll check that out. Oil and filter are both only about 20,000 old, but it will show up any dramas though.
20,000? I was referring to the oil/fluid and filter in the auto trans.

20,000 it would be due for a change. I try to change mine around every 10,000 - 15,000 depending on how hard it's been driven during that period.

As for my engine oils and filters, I change those every 5000km regardless or how hard it's been driven.
Hi Mavers,

I do engine oil and filter every 5000, I had planned on the Trans at 25,000
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