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Evening all,
Well the ECU in the cluster of my old mans TI decided it crap it pants and stop the subtank from working :headwall:

Well after hunting around it was near on impossible to find a Cluster for a Auto 03' TI 4.8, But i have been able to track one down from a ST-L. Because dad was not keen on paying nissan.....Wait for it........$2500 for a brand newy :confused:

So i was just wondering if

-It will work?
-Does it look the same?

Cheers guys

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You maybe lucky if from same year... but 2002 and 2003 4.2 ones are different :( From memory, one has male plugs and other female plugs (was 2yrs ago)

take it out and go to wreckers and compare them. or get them to take photo of the back.
<10mins to get it out (well it is after a few times)
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