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Hey guys.

If you haven't read my build thread, this is for you.

I've got a 2000 GU wagon ST (3L converted to a 4.2) power everything, airbags etc.

I'm removing the wagon shell from the chassis and chucking on the ute cab.

The ute cab has the factory 4.2 turbo dash and loom but its DX, so I planned on using that instead of piss farting around with my conversion wiring / loom (home made, dodgy etc)

What is the process of re-connecting the airbags, power windows etc into this new cab?

Can it even be done?

I'm still undecided what I'm doing with VIN/s mod plates etc. But can I simply just not install the airbags into the ute cab?

Of course there's 1000 other questions to ask but I'll start at this one.
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