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Ok Guys I have finally got the Bar mounted but now the wiring.


Now I need to wire them to the high beam.

The provide wire diagram talks about.


The ground wire coming off the switch needs to be wired to the negative wire of your high beam. The Power wire off the switch needs to be connected to your Positive wire of your high beam.


This type of system only requires the power wire from the switch to be connected to the positive wire of your high beam.

So what is a 2009 CRD Patrol 3.0 ?​
And any one have a diagram of what it would look like?​
Also any pics on were to cut into the existing lights would be great.​
Or should I just ditch the provided wiring harness
Steve :)


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Hey mate,

Best thing to do IMO is bin the harness that came with the lightbar.
I suspect it'll be like the one that came with mine which is not legal to use here because it isn't triggered by the high beam.

Personally I think you're better off doing your own wiring. It's not difficult to do.

Get a normal 5 pin relay (or 4 pin normally off will do, but 5 pins seem more common) Even the relay that came with the lightbar will suffice.

Run a fused wire from the battery to terminal 30 on the relay.
Ascertain which is the high beam wire on the back of the headlight plug, tap into that and run a wire connection to a switch on your dash, then back to terminal 86 on the relay. (Legally you need a switch to be able to disable to the spotlight / led light bar and just have standard high beams running)
85 is earthed to the body of the vehicle.
87 connects to your lightbar.

5 Pin relays will have an 87a in the middle as well, disregard this terminal, this is a "normally on" terminal and would make the lightbar work opposite to how you'd want. IE on until you turn your spotties on.

I trust your dash vents are clean...
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x2 on binning the wiring that came with it. Those looms they provide are usually cheap and nasty and never up to the task, the current draw on what youve bought is fairly large - 3 watt LEDs x 80 of them divided by the voltage (using 12 volt) would equate to a 20 amp current draw! Slightly less amps at operating voltate of around 14ish though i beleive the newer alts put out less than the older ones but still that wiring wont be up to it.

Personally, ive just rewired my LED light bar, HID's and headlights and have used 6mm wire for all of it.
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