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Hi all,

I'm a new member here, albeit too late as my Patrol was stolen from Canberra in September 2010 and has yet to be recovered. It was a white 1987 LWB MK, 5 speed, L28, blue cloth interior, deluxe model that ran on straight LPG. I had spent a lot of time getting it right (head work, new springs & shocks, clutch, new tyres, LPG mixer and regulator, etc......) and I really loved that car. It had an alloy bullbar, 8 stacker CD, roof racks, towbar, Ralleye 2000 driving lights, side steps, wheels arch flares and over 420,000 k's on the clock. Also in the car was my toolbox, some recovery gear, 12V pump, socket set,........... Ahhhhh, what a loss!

I can post pics if you like.

If anyone has any idea as to its whereabouts or any information on someone that's selling parts that sounds suspicious I would be greatly idebted if you could let me know. I am also willing to offer a $1,000 reward (I'd offer more but I'm poor and the car wasn't insured) to its recovery or infomation leading to the conviction of the thief.

As the car was very reliable it could be anywhere in Australia now.

On another note I will still hang around this site and offer my 2 cents worth of wisdom where I can as I'm mechanically inclined and did all the work on my Patrol myself. It was a good, relibale and economical car. When I have more money I'll buy another one. Maybe a newer GQ model. :)

Thanks in advance.
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