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G'day folks,
Just wanted to share a little bit of success and send out thanks to those of you who gave me some good ideas before the forum went down - in particular Twinotter and Canuck.
I was having an awful time with dodgy wiring, batteries on their last legs as well as a 24-12V converter that was draining my batteries as well.
Twinotter - you insisted that if one battery was ruined then the other one would be right behind (a "diaper" was your terminology I believe) - despite asssurances from a battery "specialist", you were spot on. It went 2 days later.
I took my truck to a "reputable" auotelectrician and told him to look for any problems (earth leakage, poor wiring etc). They were absolutely useless and told me nothing I didn't already know from a day working on it myself - then charged me $300 for the pleasure!
I couldn't find Twinotter's old post about his successful 12V converter fix, but I remembered he had mentioned use of a relay and the factory standard (low current) 12V memory lead.
A bit of deep thought in the wee small hours and I nutted it out and now I have a beautifully functioning stereo, auxilliary power points and GPS with no battery problems.

So a big thankyou to all who put their 2c worth in. This forum is a credit to all those who contribute.
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