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Superwinch X9 Advice

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We put a bid in on this winch SUPER WINCH SUPERWINCH X9 4WD Recovery Winch (eBay item 110623258795 end time 18-Dec-10 12:24:50 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats
and missed out, but the person has offered us a second chance offer to purchase it for $360.

We dont know a lot about winches, besides the obvious that Warn, Tigerz etc have a good reputation.

Is this winch good value at this price?

Going by its description it was for a Toyota but I am reasonably confident I can make it work on the Patrol. Or is there something I am missing and its not able to be wired up to the Patrol?

It is supposedly new but has been sitting in a garage for several years, could this be a problem?

It will cost me around $50-60 to courier it to Tassie.

Perhaps for the small amount of use I will get out of a winch I would be better of buying one of the Chinese eBay ones, or one from my local supercrap store for $360 that comes with a warranty but it would be Chinese as well?

Thanks for any advice.

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i had a x9 and i had no worrys with it at all in the years that i had it.
mine had a warn controller on it instead off the standard one so i cant say what the standard one is like.
i read a write up on these verse warns,ox etc with about seven winchs in total and they came in up near the top in most of the stages that they put them threw...
the biggest one they failed on was the line stall test and that was not so bad in my eyes because they were meant to stall at there correct poundage but keeped on going past there and broke the cable,but thats because there bolted hard to the test bench so i guess something has to break or stall????
my two cents worth i would but it over any cheap **** winch anyday...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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