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Superwinch X9 Advice

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We put a bid in on this winch SUPER WINCH SUPERWINCH X9 4WD Recovery Winch (eBay item 110623258795 end time 18-Dec-10 12:24:50 AEDST) : Cars, Bikes, Boats
and missed out, but the person has offered us a second chance offer to purchase it for $360.

We dont know a lot about winches, besides the obvious that Warn, Tigerz etc have a good reputation.

Is this winch good value at this price?

Going by its description it was for a Toyota but I am reasonably confident I can make it work on the Patrol. Or is there something I am missing and its not able to be wired up to the Patrol?

It is supposedly new but has been sitting in a garage for several years, could this be a problem?

It will cost me around $50-60 to courier it to Tassie.

Perhaps for the small amount of use I will get out of a winch I would be better of buying one of the Chinese eBay ones, or one from my local supercrap store for $360 that comes with a warranty but it would be Chinese as well?

Thanks for any advice.

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Gday Danny, I had an X9 on a hilux I once had at it would work all day with out a problem. It even pulled a large tree from a dam up a bank with out skipping a beat. I think you have done well for that price! I would have kept mine when the hilux made its way to the NT but I wanted to have a winch box that was rececesed into the bar.

Rich I want to make a mounting bracket and mount a winch behind my oem alloy bar. Do you think it is possible with the X9?

I would love to buy a Tigerz or some other better brand but for the very small use it 'may' get used I just cant justify the cost when I can get a cheapy for around $300.

So this X9 should be better value than a Chinese winch going by my research.
Thanks for all the replies gents.

Just to clarify, we have been offered a second chance offer. We have not actually accepted the offer yet. (runs out today I think)

Over the years we have owned Patrols we have only had one occasion where we really could have done with a winch. Mind you, if we had a winch we would have driven into more bog holes on our own and may have got more use out of one.

What Im getting at is I dont think we will ever be real hard core 4 wheelers (too scared to bash up the Patrol and cant afford all the proper protective gear) so I dont think we need to spend big money on a winch thats known to be able to take abuse.

For the rare occasion I would use one I would be happy to use a winch block and take things very steady.

So I am seriously considering giving this X9 a miss. Mainly due to it having sat in this persons shed for 5 years so it has a lot of unknowns and secondly because I can walk into supercrap and grab a cheap Chinese winch with a warranty and save some money.

I have a feeling I will one day regret this but I am feeling better spending $400 on a known quantity rather than taking a risk with the ebay unit.

Decisions, decisions...hmmmmm my head says get the better quality ebay X9 but convenience tells me to get the cheapy.
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