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I am brain storming ideas for things to put in a survival kit to always carry around for trips JUST INCASE..

You never want to have to use it but its best to prepare.

duct tape
first aid kit
fire extinguisher
water proof matches
MRE's/Dehydrated food
torches/batterys or the wind up
glow sticks
water purification tablets
first aid book on bites and stings and vinegar is always a good one to carry for bites and stings
emergency blankets to keep warm its a bonus they are thin and easy to carry :)

any other ideas will be welcomed. Really want to start thinking seriously about things to carry


Jeepguy and J33PGirl

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Snake bite kit - not always included in even decent first aid kits.

Needle and thread - amazing what you can make with these things.

E-pirb - satellite location beacon to alert authorities. A bit pricey, but worth it if your on long remote treks.

Roll of foil. Glad zip bags (chopped off fingers - foil to keep it a bit cooler lol - they may look tasty as a last resort meal, but just dont chop them off, seriously)

Super Glue

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i have waterprood matches and one of them fancy flint things too lol,

not a scotch drinker :p

Sorry i'm on the forum as we went on a patrol trip with a few of the boys a while ago thought i'd stalk them out again and see what they had to say.

I was thinking more along the lines of things to take with and put in the car :p but bullbar is a great idea hehe

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Fishing line and hook.

Mirror for signaling..

I have done two survival courses and the most valuable thing I learnt was the earlier you place to place yourself in a survival situation (mindset) the better the chance of a positive outcome. The reason is that you take stock of what you have early and start conserving your resouces, i.e energy water food etc, because you never know what is around the corner.

I often think about the bushwalkers who go missing when walking on a popular track and end up being missing for a few days, they often make their own situation worse by thinking help is just around the corner.

Anyhow no chance of dying of thirst today, I'm off to the fridge again...

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Not having a dig, but spare parts. Hoses and drive belts in particular. It also depends on where you go and the season. An EPIRB is the first if you are out of phone range. A second battery could also be worth having, and maybe a solor pannel on the roof.

Regards B M

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What kinda situation are your trying to "Survive" in????
Thats what determines what you should try to carry, in particular the size of the kit.....

Water, Shelter, Fire and Food ............ IF you can get these 4 covered you can survive just about any condition.

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I think you could break it down into two sections, car/patrol survival kit and personal survival kits, and if you are with the car then you have alot of things right with you.
If you are talking about no car then thats a different set of items.

The car/patrol is pretty much all the usual spare bits thats been covered to death on here.
The personal survival kit would be based on four things in my opinion.
Safety, elements, food/water, signaling.
This is what i keep in my patrol for personal.
Safety- first aid kit(extensive), solar blanket.
Elements- balaclava, hat, t shirt, jacket, socks. (if with patrol you have shelter)and never leave the patrol.
Water/food- 4lts water in one litre bottles, 4 one day ration packs, (have matches in them)
Signaling- If your with your patrol you have mirrors, fuel/oil/tyre, if not then you should have fishing line, knife, plastic sheet, rope/twine,torch, watch with hands/compass,mirror.
With these things you would be able to last a week except in the hot outback in summer,
You would need more water(either carry or fine but water is heavy and you will not carry much for long.

This is based on what I remember from my military days.


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'Rescue tape', great stuff.

Elastic bands and cable ties.

Permanent marker.

Plastic bags (use with elastic bands to get water from tree branches).

One of those thin cutting boards that are about the thickness of a postcard but very tough - you can make a funnel and other useful things with it and it takes up no room in a box.

Painkillers (I carry some oxycontin for emergency use, left-overs from a back injury)

Clothing - the best all-round item of clothing for moderate to cold weather is a polartec (fleece) sleevless vest that zips up to the chin. Small and light but really helps keep core temp up. Perfect for motorcycle travel.

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Akin :) Hello again

And everyone else thanks for your input it helps to get others perspectives as there may have been something you over look :)

I've been looking at them straws on ebay, as the water purification tablets. These are a wonderful idea. The lighter fluid is a wonderful idea also.

9 times out of 10 we are always with others anyways on our camping adventures, and we don't go to far but i figure i'd rather be prepared than not, as you cannot prepare when your in these situations.

A lot of the ideas are wonderful thanks again guys and girls :)


J33PGirl and Jeepguy :)
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