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Gday every one,
I have a quick Question for the Tech Heads, I have a 88' SWB, 4.2 turbo Deso, Manual gearbox, with a 4" lift and running 35's - that due to the angel and and im guessing an over sight from the previous owner, its front prop shaft has been rubbing on the gear box cross member.

What im wondering is would a front prop shaft from either a:-
1/Std 90' LWB manual 4.2 petrol or a
2/ 89' SWB Auto 4.2 petrol

fit my current SWB????

I have heard that reversing the prop with eliminate the rubbing due to the lift too, or is it better to mod to cross member?

Cheers for ya help.


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mod the crossmember.
there are photos and a how-to guide on the superior engineering website.

reversing the REAR shaft so that the slip-yoke is at the front helps with clearances on another crossmember.

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I thought that only happened on a LWB??

I haven't read any threads where the front prop shaft hits the c/member on shortys.
Mine has heaps of clearance.
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