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Before you guy's start giving me stick, I from South Africa, and we never had the Invinity here so getting parts the vh/vk v8 would be very hard, and the LS v8's here are very expencive, so the only viable option is the Lexus.

Got the motor on Friday, and took out the old motor on Saterday


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here a link of a guy I used to wheel with years ago. it a twin turboed worked lexus. was running a standard box for ages and giving it a very hard time when it was in his first truck. he went to auto when the patrol box died. from memory it snapped the shaft from box into tranfer..? at the time he was loading it up and dumping it on the grass getting ready to race. in 4wd and on 33 x 14 or 15 wide tyres (once again from memory). he went either turbo 350 or turbo 400 manualised and it sucked huge power out of it. it was put into this wagon with a manual and raced for a while. very, very quik truck.

YouTube - Landcruiser Park, V8 twin turbo patrol
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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