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A bit odd but here it goes, my English is actually quite good bur when it comes to reading and understanding engine tech it's not so good as I had hoped...

So, I bought my self a 2000 Nissan Patrol GR with the beautiful 2.8TD, a nice experience after owned two Chevrolet Blazer, three Suburbans, two Nissan King Cabs and some other ****...
The first thing I did after the purchase was to remove the mufflers and but a straigt 2.5" exhaust from the kat and back...

So I'm wondering what to do with the engine now, I need some more power!
I've been reading around here fore a couple of hours and found some things I understand like blocking the EGR and a chip.

I think I know what i need to know about blocking the EGR, a small aluminium plate between the intake and the EGR but why a oil catch can, where do I plug it in and what's the purpose?
Second, a chip, these I can get in Sweden but they cost 3500-6000SKR witch comes to around 280-490dollar and I don't trust them here in Sweden, there chips/boxes aren't so much information has i hoped and they don't sell so good so maybe it's better that I import one from AU because the experience down there seems to be a bit better... :wink:

Then I saw something about a butterfly in the cooler? This I hade never heard before but didn't find so much info. about it?

Please consider that I can read and understand normal English but when it comes to the technical stuff you probably will need to explain has you would do to a small child or even better, show me some pictures because that I will understand! :D

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