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I have a 4.8 auto gu wagon with 4-5inch dobinsons coils and drop boxes. The other day i decieded i should swap the upper control arms for a bent one to just to make sure it clears the 80l aux tank and so my new shocks dont rub on the springs and end up stuffed like the last set. I got the superior ones to suit a 4-5 inch lift and put them in. I now have a tail shaft virbration.

I believe std arms are 400mm long and the new ones are 377mm, which they say is the correct lenght.
Transfer and diff angles are 83.5 and 87.5 which is out of spec by 1 degree.
Coils are sitting nice and straight.

The options are I think:

1. Shorter lowers? Do adjustable lowers go shorter than std length?
2. Are the bent arms for a 3 inch lift somewhere between 400m and 377m ?
3. Smaller coils.

Would putting shorter lowers in cause a clearance problem somewhere. GQ std length lowers are shorter than gu's but would they put too much bend back in the springs?

Would someone be able to tell me what effect putting the new arms in has had on the pinion angle ? Im guessing that it has moved it closer to 90 than it was hence the tailshaft virbrations..

Any help would be great
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