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I have a 1991 TB42 efi and the tacho is nuts it jumps around all over the place it never settles down jumps from 6000 to 1000 rpm and has a pause every now and then somwhere in between even if the key is in the run position {red dash light on bet engine not started} it still bounces around the engine seems to run fine when its running still the crazy tacho it has a bit of a cough and splutter when you first start it but smothes out within 5seconds.Can you tell me the best way to test the tacho and where it gets it message from is it negative or posative what colour wires what volt shold thay be showing etc o the speedo isnt working or the od or trip meter all the oil pressure,volt,fuel and temp seem to work fine any help would be great thanx:headwall:
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