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hey guys,

basically my standard alternator crapped itself a while back. Bought a replacement bosch, fitted it all up fine and worked fine for about 30mins of driving. It was perfect.

All of a sudden i noticed the volts jumping up above 16-17v.

My new alternator has the regualtor screwed to the back of the alt with the normal charge light pins etc.

I read sumwhere that the patrols have a 5watt charge warning light in the dash and the bosch alternator is only designed to run a 2watt globe amd it will blow the regulator.

Has anyone heard of this?

as a side note and its abit scary, i have the alternator disconnected from the system and with multimeter on the charge pin, its putting out 50v!! Its pretty obvious the regualtor has blown, but the alt putting out 50v sounds abit rediculous.

any info would be much appreciated.

thanks guys.


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Make sure the multi-meter battery's aren't going flat,if they are they will
read incorrectly...found that out the hard way..
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