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Hey guys,

recently my stock tb42 alternator kicked the bucket, bought a second one, a bosch jobby.

It all bolted up easily enough, the plug was different so i chopped off my existing plug and got a couple of small female blade connectors, crimped them on and wired up accordingly.

I also ran a fresh wire from the main alternator pole(the big one) to the battery as my new alternator is higher amperage.

This is where i hit an issue. It was all working fine until i went to start the car a couple of days later...the battery had 1.5v in it...(the immobiliser wasnt even working!)

in my exisitng loom i have the main charge wire(white), two other wires which go to the plug(both white with different coloured stripes, a thicker one and a skinny one) and an earth i think it is(black)

i suspect the earth is where im having issues. My new alternator also has a smaller pole coming off it with a small nut. I assumed this is an earthing point so i hooked up the earth to this point. I experimented with it, took the earth off it and it made zero difference to anything. It still charged fine etc.

What have i done wrong? It seems something is sucking juice somewhere in my new setup.

thanks heaps.

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