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This all started after I tipped the car on its side out 4wding. Damage wasn’t to bad and I’ll be fixing it all.
Only thing that is frustrating me is that ever since it was on its side the car has felt extremely under powered. Power seems to die down the higher you rev, takes about 30 seconds to get up to 80.
Second issue is the idle has been very intermittent, I’ve been having to adjust the idle speed daily so that it is driveable. Some times it will idle at 800rpm but then after driving it for 15mins won’t idle without some throttle and will only idle if wound all the way up to 1800rpm sometimes.
When idling it will also vary 100-300rpm.

I did lose 2-3 litres of oil when it rolled, not sure if it’s spread to places it shouldn’t be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is my daily until I can afford to buy something more suitable.

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Where are you located? Recarb on the Sunshine Coast are worth talking to or taking the car to.
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