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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone would be able to shed some light on a problem Ive been having with my GQ. Basically I went overseas for about 6 months and on my return was preparing the Patrol for a new warrant of fitness. However when driving to the testing station the car just cut out at traffic lights. I struggled and got it home found that water was gushing out of a few of the core plugs. I changed these and now I can confirm it is water tight once more. However, I still have the problem of when it gets warm and I rev it the revs drop right off and the engine cuts out. The engine itself if left whilst warm will idle nicely at around 400 rpm and when revved up it doesnt miss a beat. Im also confident that water is not getting into the oil and its not a cylinder head gasket leak. I have also replaced the air filter after reading a few posts on here but that also seems to have not helped. Im guessing this fault is going to be something fuel related or air related but cannot find anything at fault. Ive looked at the piping for the vacuum system and this seems to be fine. It runs straight petrol so no LPG.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as Im starting to lose the will to live with it :eek:. All I want to do is take it down the river beds again.

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