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Hi guys, new to the forum but confident you bloke are the ones to help me

I know similar threads have been done to death but I can't find one with the same problem as this!

Ok so...
I have a 1989 SWB Patrol with a carby fed TB42 on dual fuel
It runs the standard carby and an impco gas system and a 300a mixer

A while ago it started having a very intermittent misfire and the tacho meter flutters as if the engine is being turned on and off very quickly - this happens at any time hot or cold under load/no load on gas AND petrol!

So after speaking to my gas mechanic, he said I should get it running well on petrol first and then the gas is easy

I have put a brand new Nissan carby on and left the gas disconnected until I get the misfire sorted.
I have replaced the following
Plugs (Ngk)
Leads (champion LPG compatible)
Dizzy cap
Rotor button (standard)
Points (gapped and dwell set to 36degrees)
Reset timing to approx 12 degrees
Replace coil (Bosch)
Checked the ballast resistor and coil wiring
Adjusted tappets to .381mm
Coil gets 12'volts at startup and 9 volts running and yet the misfiring/ stumbling still occurs!
I am only running on petrol currently and the problem seems worse when it is at operating temperature! Myself and the other mechanics at work are lost for ideas!

I'm hoping someone has some suggestions as to what it could be!

I am thinking of getting a petronix ignitor but I'm worried that the problem is elsewhere as I have replaced everything, does anybody know if the ignitor 2 is worth the extra money over the normal kit and will this fix my problem?

It idles so sweet with the tune up it's had I just want it to stop playing up when I'm driving

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give u guys all the info so hopefully someone has an answer for me!

Cheers in advance Rob!
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