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I have a TB45 auto and have done 3 crossings with it , I use 30/100 for planning and it averages out around that
I am running 285s and normally have a rack fitted for an extra tyre - although once in the desert average speed is no more then 30kph so a rack isn't really an impact.
My trips have been a mix of East and west and different routes.
If you are concerned I recommend departing via Mt Dare and then go via the Rig rd and then pick up the QAA - rig rd is a bit easier the the French Line - just as much fun - but should be easier on the consumption.
If you go east west - go out and play on Big Red the day before you are planning to do the crossing. That way you can set off the next day and not waste 10-20 litres playing around.
If you go west to East and look like running short you can always set up camp for the night and send your mates that drive those smelly noisy chip fat diesel things into Birdsville to grab you a jerry full

For comparison I average around 17-18 on highway at 110 and about 19 -20 on dirt/gravel roads
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