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2002 GU III 4.8
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Eyo! So I've had a knock in the front end of my 2002 GUIII TB48 since I got it. Always sounded like a bush or the spring. Had 2 mechanics suss it before I bought it and they said not to worry about the sound and that it was a good patrol and that I should get it.

But here we are 3 months later. The knock is still there and has gotten worse over the past couple of weeks. So I took her to my mechanic yesterday and they come back saying it's coming from the auto trans. Particularly from the bell housing. All bushes look fine.

The knock usually happened on take-off or coming to a stop. and was worse when switching to reverse. But it happens when I accelerate not ****ing. If I just idle in gear it's fine.

The knock consists of a few individual knocks (1 -4). Its more like a loading up/down sound. Sounds like metal crushing rubber (bush). It does not sound like grinding gears the knocks happen to slow.

The mechanic did find a way to reproduce the knock.

Switch to 'D'
Hold Brake
Rev it around 2000
Let the revs drop back down
Switch to Reverse
Then accelerate. (This is when the knock happens)

Does feel more like something in the trans after seeing this. Sounded like $$$

The trans does drive mostly fine. It's a little slow shifting up hills. But shifts are smooth.

I think I also might have some grounding issues so I hope this hasn't messed with the tcu.

She's booked in with trans specialist next week. Not driving it in the meantime.

If anyone has experienced something similar please post up. And how $$$ is it for getting it looked at?

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