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First done is to Renew car, not that it needed but just for safety) with mostly OEM parts.. 2016 Nissan VTC safari,
- OEM Nissan coil springs ( 96-98 model ) with all new Rubber mounts
-Front New Panhard, and Drag Link.
Rear New Panhard
-New Tie Rod Ends L & R
-New Bump Stops
-All arms bushings + sway bar bushings + sway bar link rod stabilizer Front & Rear L & R
-Body To Chassis Bushings
-New Engine & Transmission mounts + Engine Hydraulics L & R
-New Exhaust Bush Rubber Mounts
-New front Hub Seals
-FULL chassis, solid axles, arms, and fuel tank paint + removing old dust
-New Fuel Filter

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Oram shock Absorber w external reservoir.

3-Way adjustable .. that means it has high&speed adjustment + Rebound adjustment.
Italian Made.

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