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G'day, I have a 06 GU Patrol TD30 with 97,000k on it.

Recently this car is pretty hard to start when either hot or cold. In the mornings it wont start on the first crank, I have to let it fail then try again to get it to start. Even when the engine is warm it is still pretty hard to start. If I restart the engine straight away after i stop it, it will start fine.
There is no smoke of any sort from the exhaust.
I have already changed the glow plugs to no avail.
The lift pump is fine, always good pressure in the pump.
The engine runs smooth as and doesn't miss a beat ever while running.

Im thinking now its the injector pump? Would the engine still run fine if thats faulty?

Any help greatly appreciated...

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Just to eliminate a few things I would:

Check your battery, volts may look ok when shut down but cranking amps are not.
Check your battery connections at both ends.
Check the start/glow relay and make sure the glow plugs are working.

I had the same problem on an old work vehicle, it may not seem to be the problem but after changing the battery terminals and earth lead the problem was fixed.

good luck.
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