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Hey fellas,
Looking at the best way to go about spending some money on the old girl.
Yes I know there’s 1000 different threads on here about this but there’s also a 1000 different answers so I’m trying to work out what will work best for me!

My wagon is the 06 factory intercooled model.
Currently running around 97kw with a 3 inch exhaust, factory pump rebuilt around 60k ago (should have upgraded), and a tune.
Suffers really bad heat soak when ambient temp is warm, especially when towing.
Power wise I’m not after anything massive. I’m not ready to invest in upgrading the pump just yet or the clutch. The car isn’t going anywhere, I plan on keeping it for a very long time but it can be frustratingly slow at times. I do not want crazy numbers, it’s 15 years old and I’d like it to go for another 15 years.

So far after a lot of research iv ordered a Cross country ultimate intercooler (two month wait), will fit myself.

The other things I’d like to do are turbo, stainless snorkel and air filter housing.

Turbo wise I have no idea where to look. There’s so many different options I haven’t even looked at pricing. 16g 18g? Garret, Borg Warner? Where is the best place to buy them from? For someone semi mechanically minded can I fit myself or best left for the experts?

Snorkel and air box. Yes I know the stainless snorkel is a **** factor but I figure if I’m upgrading the air box I may as well do the snorkel. So far leaning towards patrol doctor but any other opinions? I want to keep the second battery under bonnet and I’d like to keep the factory filter size (or is this not a good idea)

Finally one last question about the intake manifold. I know it’s not worth me upgrading the manifold as I’m not chasing huge numbers. Iv had the egr blocked and catch can fitted for around three years now. Will obviously be removing egr system once I install the new intercooler. Is it worth removing the intake manifold and cleaning out or after three years would most of the gunk be gone? I did get a quote from ultra tune for an egr system clean for $350 which they claimed would clean the manifold but I’m pretty sceptical about it.

Sorry for the long winded post!

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As you say, there is so much info on this topic already. I suspect that is why no-one has replied yet. What more could anyone possibly say that has not been said already??? Not much.

For anyone to offer an opinion, you need to tell us what you are trying to achieve. That will determine what is needed.

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Hey @Petersen
I know exactly what you mean mate
Look, most seeking more power think of a power number they are trying to achieve and then buy all the GFBs to get there.
The cross country IC will make some improvements but it would have been better if you had gone FMIC, as everyone is finding out. And now you’re going to have to modify your bonnet which will draw attention from the boys in blue. You already are having heat soak issues, so the CC won’t help there.
If you are semi mechanically minded like you said, you could build a FMIC with 600x300 Aeroflow core for half the price and be twice as effective.
This is where you will make the greatest gains with stock pump and for towing.

Secondly, upgrade the air box to anything over stock. Just compare their CFM ratings and make sure they will fit.

Thirdly, ensure your injectors are as new and no more than 100,000km old. That’s about their life (to run efficiently)

With these 3 things, you will notice a significant improvement in towing and drive ability while also burning less fuel and your standard clutch will be fine.
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