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Hi guys,

I have a 1999 GU TD42 (N/A with after market turbo). Been having dramas cold starting it. Takes a while to get it to go (cranks over fine, just keeps cranking for a bit), and blows white smoke on start up. Once it's running, it runs fine. And if I turn it off and restat it, it starts first up no dramas.

Other things are feels a bit underpowered up hill on the highway (have to change down from 5th to 4th, and sometimes 3rd if it's a steep hill).

I haven't had the truck long, so hoping I haven't bveen sold a lemon. Was wondering if anyone can reccomend a good diesel mechanic on the east side of melbourne. Would like to find a good one, who knows these trucks inside out, I can stick with. Will be wanting to turn the truck into a project truck over time, so would be great to have a mechanic I can stick with, is honest, does a great job etc...someone I can give my repeat business to for the life of the truck (which hopefully will be a long time). Cheers :)
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