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I am about to do my valve clearances on a GU TD4.2t and need to know if they are done hot or cold. I searched and found 13 to 14 thou is the go but no one says what temp to do them at. My GQ TB42 I always did hot but not shore on the GU.

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Hey dude,

these sites and quotes may help
3) Valve adjustments should be done with the motor cold.
.10 and .12 would be OK if set when engine is cold ..

I have the Nissan A12 factory manual. It agrees with 1200rc:

intake: .35mm (.0138)
exhaust .35mm (.0138)

intake: .25mm (0.0098)
exhaust: .25mm (0.0098)

But Clymer and others say don't set it cold -- always Hot. When I used to do it, I did .013 in. cold, they were quiet. I always looked for a semi-tight fit (some drag, not loose, but not a really tight fit).
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Hope this helps you,

Good luck.
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