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Hi all,

I've got a GU series 4 wagon, I've decided to give it some more herbs, just for touring, don't want anything nuts, just some decent punch when I lean on it. The car is currently completely stock and I've avoided moding it, but have decided I can't hold back anymore!

I currently on the shelf in my garage, a high mount log manifold I had made years ago with a T25 flange, was originally going to run a GT2860RS turbo, BUT.

I've read about 10000 pages on here about UFI turbos, kowabunga and now Mamba.

So what do those who have experience think, bolt on as per the original plan and go high mount, or get a UFi or one of these look pretty good mamba ball bearing bolt on -

Mamba GTX Billet Ball Bearing Turbocharger GT2871R Nissan TD42 Safari Patrol GQ | eBay

I don't mind paying double the money for a turbo if I'm getting double the product, but im also not afraid to experiment with one of these mamba type units.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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