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Possible problem with door hinges to be aware of - from Telstra Fleet bulletin:

An incident recently occurred where the top ‘Centaflex’ hinge on the near side door of two ‘Obeico’ CSV bodies have split completely along their length. This required the Centaflex hinge to be replaced. The flexible centre is made of a rubberised compound. Any split is expected to start from the end(s) of the hinge and work its way inwards. To reduce the risk of further occurrences Telstra Fleet is asking Drivers & Team Managers to assess the condition of the top door hinge of any of their Nissan Patrol’s fitted with an 'Obeico' CSV body. If the flexible centre of hinge is split then arrangements must be made to have the hinge replaced by a Nissan dealer as soon as it is practical to do so and immediately if severely affected.
(1) Ensure dealer mentions width of door and hinge when ordering replacement hinges from Obeico.
(2) Hinges on both sides of the body are to be inspected.
(3) Obeico bodies have their name incorporated into the frame of the spare wheel carriers.
(4) Ongoing inspections of hinges are to be carried out as part of driver’s regular inspections.

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I am now in this boat,
I used centaflex on my canopy build, been just over 2 years a bugger is about to fall to pieces, split along the whole 2.4 mtrs,
one side and one back door damaged, the passenger side which is shadowed by the awning all day is still OK, just a tiny split at one end. the side doors get used heaps more than the rear, and the rear door is just as bad as the drivers side.

Anyone found a good alternative to centaflex? or is there any warranty issued?

Cheers :)
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