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Successfully blocked my EGR yesterday (now feel like a mechanic!), made a plate and took out the butterfly valve on the inter-cooler (all info gathered on this forum).

Was driving up the road and then all of a sudden there was a change in engine note (induction) and realised the turbo was having no effect. Looked under the bonnet and found I had neglected to tighten the hose clamp on the pipe going into the intake manifold (I took the part that the EGR joins up with off to clean out the soot and gunk that had built up) and it had blown off.
Anyway, haven't been in a n/a 4.2, but is that how bad their acceleration is (mine without the pressure from the turbo)??!

BTW, seems to be a slight improvement when accelerating (in higher gears 3,4) - quite open to the opinion that its all in my head though.
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