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Hey All,

I've been using this forum for a long time and never used any of the vendors.

Just recently I bought a new kit through Suspension Stuff and Shane has been great. I've had my issues and with all my stuffing around Shane was always willing to help and nothing was to hard.

Even better when researching some of my issues I can see Zordo is also good (never used him) and even the way they both help each other from reading past threads.

I reckon we have a top forum here and it's great to have these vendors online so everyone please use our supporting vendors as they really are great, if we dont use them we will loose them, thats business :)

I work in Service Managment and just like forums people pipe up with bad news, but very rarley do people pipe up with GOOD NEWS. So I am doing it NOW :)

Thanks Supporting Vendors :) for offering your advice on Suspension, helping people with issues and all those great deals you do for us.


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