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I'm looking at buying a GU in the next little while and I've been looking at engine specs. From what I can tell, the 3 litre turbo motor produces more power (KW & nM) than the 4.2 litre turbo motors. I'm not right across it, but I have heard that the 3 litre motors blow up.

Where I live I'd reckon about 80% of GU's are the 3 litre turbo diesels and since I'm lazy, I reckon I'll probably be buying from around where I live, so is there a year or motor model that I should look for??

Also, since the 3 litre motor is smaller in capacity and has 4 valves per cylinder, does it give better fuel economy than the 4.2 litre turbo's??

I'm looking for reliability, good economy and power, should I go 3 or 4.2 litre??

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