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Nothing wrong with Bundy but you have to spend your money on something. Just live where you want to and what it costs is what it costs.
Nah, tight arse to the bone. And you are right, nothing wrong with Bundy so why pay more to live in some over crowded tourism mecca where prices are double and many people look down on those who do not appear to be of the same social 'standing' as they are (and I have seen a lot of that over the years).

You get taxed on everything in this area. Went to IGA in Pamona a week ago as I needed some mushrooms, $7 a punnet. Bugger that, and I needed some fuel anyway so drove up to Gympie where diesel is $1.0899 a litre and went to the IGA there. Same mushrooms were $4.99. Only a fool throws away money.

And then we have to fact that the Sunshine coast has priced a great many out of the real-estate market who would want live here to escape the cold down south in their retirements. And they are going further north. And Bundy is an obvious choice. Always the eye on making a buck or two. I am looking at a couple of houses in Moore Park Beach, I might just buy them both.

As the old saying goes, look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves...

The only good thing about the Noosa area now is that you get to look at all the hot backpacker girls in their skimpy bikinis that disappear up their arses. And guess what, they have all disappeared...
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261 - 264 of 264 Posts