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Hi all
went up to tassie's west coast for week, towards the end of the week headed into the Arther pie man heads area after heading in the coastal track and coming back out the in lands track, hit the gravel road out of Granville harbour, and for the first time ever with my 94 GQ coil cab had a bad case of the death wobbles.

Limped it back to Zeehan to a mate's place (40/60kph) was max speed and the whole front end was wobbling Violently, once back at Zeehan we noticed the radius arm bushes were fubar, so we got hold of some replacements from a place called coast to coast (look after the mining patrol up that way) so we used there press and re fitted the arms with new bushes, test drove still had the wobbles bad

next was we found the drag link was stuffed on the wheel end rang coast to coast again and they lent us a drag link, replaced and test drove again still had the wobbles.

next up we noticed the pan hard rod bushes looked a little suspect coast to coast had these in stock to so went and used there press again refitted and test drove still had the wobbles bad, at this point we had six very smart blokes sitting there thinking what the hell ( two of them are fitters for TJM and ARB ).
We also checked wheel bearings for play which there was quiet a bit, so we re done wheel bearings, test drove still same bad wobbles

So we grab some beer had a few while discussing other possible causes, then one of the fitters said didn't you pop the bead on the inlands track ( which I did) bet the tyre has mud in it, we thought about this and said nah wouldn't be as it was all hard rock where it happened, then it dawned on me I said wait a minute I'm running powder as well as lead weights on my wheels :rolleyes:.

changed tyre and wheel for my spare and yep you guessed it no more shakes
so my idea for telling this story is next time you get or here of a case of the dreaded patrol wobbles check both your front wheels and tyres, before you replace parts of the front end even tho my radius,pan hard,drag link were completely shagged and weren't that great before we left for the trip, they had no impact on the death wobbles.

I would also like to give a huge thanks to Coast to coast at Zeehan Tasmania for all there help
Cheers tassie
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