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Well I think I have found the source of the clatter, I found this inside the rocker cover as I was cleaning things up;


And the top of the tappet adjustment on the right has some wear marks on it, although it is hard to see in the pic.


This feels about right for the sort of noise there was. It has only happened because I flipped the orientation of the cover so the oil fill was in a more useful position, ie it was covered by the dyna body central crossmember so wouldn't work, and it wasn't obvious that there would be an issue. I lined the bits up just now and it sticks out like a sore thumb lols.

What a dick.

Well I was always going to put a rebuilt engine in there as the oil pressure in the old one wasn't all that, so sweet as.

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Been cranking this, its surprisingly time consuming. I have been tidying a lot of stuff as i go along, ie I remade the turbo feed and drain to look less like a fudge and more like it was supposed to be there.

Also I have a significant TD42 collection now.



Also I steam cleaned and gave the box a lick of black zinc, its kindof like I have cared. I had a spare set of box mounts that were in better condition that the ones in there so I swapped them out. I also put a washer behind the clutch release lever arm pivot so it would release a bit more, It has always been slightly hard to get into the lower gears due to not quite enough clutch disengagement. I will be grumpy if it slips but can always make the slave mounting adjustable...


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Yep yep.

I chucked that kit back together, tidying further as I went along. The engine loom in particular was a mess so I spent half a day reorganising that into a semblance of tidy.

Having stripped the loom I realised there were two plugs the same and I hadn't noted where they went, fortunately I had noted the wire colours when doing the original wiring so it was easy to work out.

I thought about a new clutch but the one I had been running was some HD thing and still had plenty of meat, back in it goes.



I decided to lift from the rear this time as there was less weight and an actually decent lift point under the towbar. I also stropped it so it couldn't move off the forks. This was way more intelligent than what I did getting it out.


Then just dropped it down over the top and lifted it up into place.


At that point I gave up taking pics as it looked exactly like every other shot of the engine in the truck and started bolting bits back on. The assembly was laborious not only because there is a lot of stuff to bolt on, but it was made a bit more tiresome due to the 28deg days we have been having. I have been constantly coated in sweat. Fortunately we have a pool and I have been making good use of it....

I replaced the fuel filter while I was in there, then once it was all ready I pumped 5 liters of oil into the engine using a priming unit that my engine man had lent me, this was great peace of mind, although I did discover a growing pool of oil under the truck, exsanguinating out of a not actually attached turbo drain. I sorted that out, resumed the priming then filled up with water.

I gave it a bit of a crank and it nearly caught without any effort, so i cracked a couple of the injectors and it started right up! Oil light went out nice and quick.

I then spent the next 15 minutes moving it around the rev range and checking for leaks, there didn't appear to be any, yay.

It is also not pissing out any of the varieties of smoke, I will take that as another positive sign.

I then went for a short and then a slightly longer drive, again all seems well. It isn't quite as lively at 9psi as it was at 15psi, but I will crank the fuel a bit to get it spooling up..

I'll check the fluids tomorrow then have another spin, the swap out the oil and filters.

And probably make a catch can as I have some bits of stainless and some fitting lying around.

All in all its pretty positive....

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Smashed out a catch can today...

The bottom;

The top;

Sweet welds bro.

Together and with some extra lovins;

Tapped all the holes with a 1/8th BSP I found then attached the bits, including a sweet drain tap I found on an old air seperator;

Then mounted it in a convenient hole;

Not sure about the air fittings but if they leak I can get some right angled hydraulic fittings later.

Not bad for **** I just had lying round (except the tube and the filter....)

Also I warmed it up with a wee drive, then did an oil and filter change using Caltex Delo 400 MGX which all the cool TD42 kids use. And gave the fuel screw a quarter turn, its now hitting full boost at about 1800rpm.

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Well that's probably sorted. I adjusted the tappets today then went for a decent drive, it feels pretty stout even at 9psi. It's heaps quieter and smoother, plus the 2000rpm clatter is gone. I forgot to mention that I stripped all my sets of rockers, chose the best set and got the valve faces cleaned up, this means it is easier to adjust now.

I haven't red lined it yet but it is clearly much happier to rev with that cam than it was before.

The clutch and gears feel a lot better too. I fixed a vac leak so that might help somewhat too.

There is a slow oil leak from somewhere, but this could well be remnants of the half liter or so I managed to spill all over it like a twat while changing the oil.

The leak is not bad, if it's real then maybe its the new turbo feed pipe. I'll give it a once over in the next couple of days and tighten everything.

So yea, I'm still a bit wary in case I screwed something up, but it basically looks sorted.


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Sooooo. There was an actual leak, but it wasn't the turbo feed, it was the new turbo drain where I had welded it into the sump. This is irritating as I was particularly careful when I did it, I MIG'd it then went over it with the TIG to be sure.

Not sure enough I guess.

I was prepping to drop the sump and have at it when someone evil convinced me to try some JB weld, even if temporarily.

He told me that most of a goldwing engine he is prepping to go into a Hillman Imp was actually JB weld, cunningly disguised as aluminium...

So I went for it and much to my disappointment it actually worked and now there are no leaks.

When it's time to do an oil change I will probably drop the sump and sort it then, but in the meantime I guess it will do.

A pic of my shame....


Otherwise I am pretty happy with how things are going...

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So the turbo drain hose was sitting pretty close to the turbo so I bought some fire rated oil hose and also made a complicated wee shield that should vastly increase the longevity of the hose;


In other news, a few days ago I went through the options for front springs. This is because the original ones from the donor had sagged a bit and the front was sitting 15mm or so lower than it had been when certed. I may have mentioned this a while ago as I bought some springs that ended up being at the same height as what i had just taken out. So I chucked the old ones back in and sold the new ones on to a boy in Blenheim. This was good though as it gave me some context for deciding what to buy next.

I ended up getting some heavy load rated 3" lift Dobinsons from Trundles, these arrived yesterday so I chucked them in tonight. This has lifted the front about 25mm, so by the time they settle it should be right on the correct height....


You can also see the guard I made a while back to protect the brake and clutch lines from wayward mall potholes.

The axle droop in the front is currently restricted by the sway bar - probably not the most satisfactory situation, so I think I will get some extended links for this.

As for a running report, it is sweet as a nut. It is such a pleasure to sit at 100kmh without;

a. going a bit deaf


b. wondering if the engine is on the brink of grenading itself.

I am gagging to turn the wick up a bit, 700odd km to go before I am allowed.

So in a way it is kind of finished now...? What the frick am I going to do with myself?

I mean there is still a list of things to do but these are mostly optional.

I shall have to consult the master list of projects.

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I kindof lied about being finished, there always seems to be sh*t to sort out that I have forgotten about.

Some of the reason I am still hanging on to my wee Townace Ute is that it is awesome for transporting dirt and bark etc. So obviously I needed this functionality on the big truck.




I decided to recess the side trailer hitches so they don't get wiped off.


I got some treated rough sawn pine for the fill;



Doesn't look too shabby..

I will get those coated at some point, along with the tow hitch, top rack and front bumper, these are all just black zinc right now. That will be later as it will no doubt be spendy.

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So I decided I wasn't all that happy with the cabin thing I built so decided to go the route of a rooftop tent for a light camping setup.

I ordered this puppy which seemed pretty good bang for buck and got to it.

Canyon Off-Road 2 Person Roof Top Tent (SOFT SHELL LONG STYLE) (SKU: C

Seems cheap....





Mmmmmm black zinc, my favourite.

I had some treated ply that would do for the floor, but bought a couple of sheets of that foamed PVC stuff for the visual faces;


Then the unit arrived;



Looks like it will fit...

I have made it so it can be mounted in a few positions including right up by the cab,



TBH im pretty happy, the materials look good, there are no obvious defects, it is doing what it says on the tin.


At this point some issues became apparent.

Firstly I had made it so a couple of spare tyres could slip under that frame, and somehow my eyecrometer was a bit fritzed that day as it was 10mm shy from actually fitting under. Thats fine, I was thinking of putting some UHMWPE strips that would lift it clear.

Secondly, all the sh*t you have to do to unpack it was high enough that even my lengthy and well padded frame was unable to reach them without steps to help out. It also felt super high up when you were in it.

So today was spent with some cutting discs and some weldy weldy, addressing both of those problems;



This is altogether more satisfactory.

This week I shall enclose that box and load it up with camp chairs and thermettes and the like. I built another 2 cup thermette the other day just for my morning coffee.

Good good.

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So I acted as support vehicle for a gravel moped run a couple of weeks ago, the truck was awesome, camping was great in the tent. I did a proper 4wd track for the first time, everything worked super well with no real issues.

What did happen though was that the rockers started clattering again as soon as it had done some miles, then the putty repair to the turbo oil drain failed and then the bash plate bolts worked loose.

Bash plate was easy, the oil drain is for later when I do an oil change, so this left the rockers. The Monday morning that I got home from the trip saw some credit card abuse and on Wednesday this arrived from Kiwi Cylinder heads;


Those got installed, they seem pretty good. The refaced ones were showing a wee bit of wear already;


But we will see how it pans out. The new ones are the later style with a proper valve face, so that's nice.

And here is a pic after doing the Porika track, about to take 4 up in the cab, scoot and tent on the back, nothing but goodness.


There might have to be a CT110 that lives in that spot a bit later.....

Since then I have been tidying up some things. I wanted to mount the solar panel on the camping box, but every method/position ended up with a lot of complication. So I decided to make the mount on the roof more sensible so it could stay there permanently, hence I moved one of the mid rails so the panel could sit flush. I still need to be careful loading up stuff on that side but it is way better than when it was plonked on top. ie I loaded up a big sliding gate today that sat on the cab rack as well as the rear hoop and it was just fine;


I missed out on an identical panel on FB marketplace, in which case I could have doubled up and solar charged the truck batteries as well...

I then wanted to get that power to the camp box so I made a little hatchy thing in the deck where it will feed into the camp box;




This should work sweet. That flex is now mounted on the box.

In other news I bought an inclinometer that has been sitting there for a few weeks, so decided to actually mount it. This meant a slightly complicated bracket to hold it in the right orientation;


And yes I simply bent the ends of the visors down to make it clear, I am a rough boy I know.

And for a more interesting thread pic here is me just arrived at the Bridges campground in Blenheim, not a bad spot to set up IRL.


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The tow points needed a bit of love. I had messed with the front a bit when I added the socket to the bumper, but it was a bit of a fudge IRL. The rear just had the factory tow point which does not fare well apparently.

Hence I called into the dude with a plasma cutter on Friday and got these cut out of 16mm plate and commenced a bit of hackery. I have lent him a set of rollers so there were a freeby - noice


The tow bar is chunky and is held on pretty solidly so I just added these boys;




Yet another can of black zinc, I am keeping those boys afloat.

The front was a bit more of an effort but it is now pretty butty;





For visuals I might add a wee riser bar between the headlights and maybe a bit of mesh to stop stones hitting important internal things.

Pretty happy with that tho. The bars sit a bit further forward as well so will hit things before the indicators now. This is an improvement.

Probably need to buy some bright yellow shackles now so I can live the 4x4 dream.

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Yea some more tweaks, it's like itchy balls, gotta scratch them.

An additional solar panel;


A deep cycle 12v battery;




This is charged by the panels, and is intended to run power to the camping cooler. I may have accidentally bought a winch as well so it is sized big enough to power that too. And whilst I was at it and had 12 volts on board, I did away with the dc-dc converters and wired it to run all the 12v stuff in the cab. This meant spending some time to understand what I had done previously, which wasn't a trivial exercise.

I used the opportunity to clean up the 12v wiring for the stereo, cb, usb and the many other extras I have wired in by splicing on to splices. Rather a lot of those actually, but it is pretty well consolidated now.

I think I will buy a dual input charger so that battery can be charged by the alternator as well, but the cheapest one I can find that will do a 24v alternator is still $400;

Projecta ldc25

Or the rather more expensive Redarc

Redarc BCDC1240D

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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I may have mentioned I bought a winch...

Well I also bought this the other day;


This got hacked up pretty hard, then even more so when I weighed the resulting winch and cradle combo;


I had to sort out the wiring as it had been extended with all yellow coloured wire. This meant understanding how this worked, which I now do and am pretty proud of myself.

I also bought a hydraulic crimper that crapped itself after the last crimp I needed to do. That will be going back next week.

I made that box to mount it all in, mostly so people could have a solid visual representation of just exactly how ugly my TIG welding can be.


Anyway it came up pretty ok and compact, although hefty.





I might try to find a plastic rope for it and do away with the rollers, this will remove another 10kg or so I imagine.

There is an Anderson plug to plug it in now, but I need to find a bit more heavy cable to connect it all up.

In other news I missioned the sump leak/oil change yesterday, this appears to be a success. I just chucked the old sump back on as I knew it did not leak. That is all.

At ease.
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