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While im doing the engine conversion, i thought i might as well get rid of the noisy, horsepower thief factory fan and put in a set of EF/EL thermo fans. The main reason for getting rid of the factory fan is that when you go through water crossings and have to give it a bit of revs, it folds over the fins on the radiator. The ute i just pulled my new motor out of has had this problem, and so did my ute when i had it.

Anyone here done this? Just wondering what to use to control the fans is all.



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Horsepower robbing factory fans ????
I think someones tellin ya porkies
Only the old fixed fans rob horsepower , the clutch fans hardly minimal

Do a bitta of a search regarding the lecy fans Vs factory fans on here
Youll find the factory fan is best,but hey your money
Running electric fans puts more strain on your alternator
Water crossings the electric fan motor will be under water,wouldnt be good 4 them

Anyway a simple on/off switch for your fans will help with water crossings

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Go the AU fans over the EL they have a higher flow rate. I've got a set in my tb42 GQ, they did make a difference over the standard hub, but mine was stuffed and my shroud was gone. The main reason I wanted electrics was the same as you, I have a stuffed radiator from the thermo fan getting friendly with radiator when the last owner took my girl for a swim.

In regards to wiring, my thread on it is here I ended up going with one of the other guys suggestions and removing the AC side of the circuit (just remove the ac relay and the diodes from that diagram) and just have them running full time if they're on. I went a craig davies switch for controlling when they turn on.

Two other modifications I've added is an LED attached to the left side of the middle switch then to ground. This gives you a light to tell you when the thermo fans are on. I'm considering swapping this for two LEDs attached to the fan relays (instead of the switch) as I've had some issues with the circuit breakers tripping and I haven't known about it until the temp gauge went up.

You want to go switch>>>resistor (470ish Ohm) >>>> LED>>>Ground use LED calculator for single LEDs to work out your resistor sizing depending on what colour LED you use.

I also used a three way rocket switch for the kill switch (right most switch in diagram) and hooked up a buzzer I bought from jaycar to the third terminal. This way I can't possibly forget to turn the thermos back on.

I hope that's of help, and I've probably explained that in alot more depth then I needed to but I'm procrastinating and I miss playing with electronics.


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According to many threads on outers over the years, the Ford fans hate mud and die regularly...
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