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Thermo fans!!!!!

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installed my thermo fans today everything running smoothly except where the thermo probe goes in the top hoes i cant get it to seal proply.. any ideas???????
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not sure mate previous ones ive had i havent had any old is the top hose cause if its a bit old it might have gone a bit hard so its not sealing proply.just a thought.wat size fan did u get?im looking at gettn one soon.
twin fans out of a 97 el falcon, ive heard the falcon thermos are the go. i'll try the silicon before the new hose i think.
cheers guys
They can be an absolute ***** to get to seal up, silicon and 24 hours to drive works ok. If you're on gas I found it easier to get a seal in the joiners on the heater hose then on the top radiator hose.
true true i might dry it out in the morn go get some sica and let in set for the weekend
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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