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Third child restraint point on a gu?

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HI all,

Got number three baby on the way and noticed today our 00 gu has only two anchor points for baby seats. Has anyone here installed a third? Does it have to be engineered?

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Just had our third too. I took it to Wiltshire Motor Trimmers, in Adelaide, so they're engineer could check the angles as to weather they could still mount a third point on they roof where the catch for the barn door is, as laws/rules have changed. They can still mount it there, so I got it done. Had to put the rear facing capsule in the middle to fit all three in, just means the short arse missus has to climb up in when she has to put him in.
If your not from Adelaide just do a search for places that can fit dickie seats etc, you should be able to find somewhere I most cities.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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