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I'm not into snake oil, magnets on fuel lines and smoke and mirrors usually, I've been chasing a rough idle the last week, picture a V8 with all but one park plug leads connected and 50 litres of water thrown in the tank for good measure:shock:.

So I figured DMF is on its way or the injectors are having a party and I'm not invited so time to call on my bank manager.

For 23 clams from Supercrap I thought hey lets start at the least expensive.

Done 100 ks now and it idles like a Prius. So this tells me either the injectors are ready to exit stage left...the 2 stroke I run every tank is making the upper cylinder hate life... or the last tank I erased Diesel Power from the equation is haunting me.

meh all I know is its working, My eyes aren't rattling at the traffic lights at the moment :cool:

Thoughts anyone?

Ill see how it goes for another 100 ks or so, then this is next idea for the hell of it.I changed servos 2 weeks ago (still Caltex but at Shellharbour not Dapto) due to a 8 cents per liter difference.


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I ran a can of Liqui Moly injector cleaner directly through the IP some time back when I was chasing a cause for my P73 pump comm fault (blended it in with the fuel through the bleed valve on the filter exit, lift pump turned off), not sure it did anything but it definitely didn't do any harm.

I'm still using my cheapas 2T (if that was the problem around 20 million others around the world would be in the same boat) and I still add my Fuel Doctor/Chemtech as well at each fillup, 14 years and 260,000k on my IP to date.

If your injectors came good I'm not sure that means they are on the way out, if they were they would not have improved as dramatically as you say. I would be leaning towards crap build up over time.
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