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This Turbo setup on TD4.2

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Hey guys, looking to buy this turbo setup that a guy had on his TD4.2 but just want to make sure it will be alright on my car. This is it...
garrett gt2876r with the .64 rear housing for fast spooling
extractor style manifold front mount cooler and 2.5 inch pipes
3 inch dump and exhaust.
And what do you think its worth? any help would be great. cheers
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i used a 2871 for a while on a standard pump was fine until i did the pump upgrade and wanted to run 20+psi and got bad comp surge.

2860 generate alot of exhaust pressure and can cause engine demage (head , valves).
but will be fine at low boost. do know a few ppl running 2876 turbos with good results much of the muchness i think. but the 3071 is a good option but will need pump mods to get good results.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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