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Thread about comparable parts for Nissans

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Anyone remember the name of the thread that had a list of matching parts between different Nissan models?

I cant for the life of me remember whats it's called. :confused:
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Thanks mate :bigthumb:
In the Nissan Fast system you can look up a part number for your vehicle and enter it in to a sectaion in Fast to see what other model Nissans it is used in

For instance you might be looking for something for a Patrol that is also used on a Pulsar and a wrecker might have a Pulsar instock but not a Patrol

Regards Don
I've got FAST but I cant get the **** of a thing to work :mad:
You feelin allright Sudso? You've been around nearly 4000 posts.
Come to think of it where has OldMav gotten to lately.
Around long enough to remember there was a thread about it :D.
Would have searched if I remembered the thread name and wondered if it got lost in the big crash of 2010 too.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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